Support Her

I wanted to share this image from a planned parenthood. I love this picture and how beautiful it is. Many women after an abortion experience the feeling of hate towards them because of the choice they made. This hate isn’t directly towards them-they probably don’t share to many people that they’ve had an abortion-the hate is on the news, in presidential speeches, and everywhere in the media. There are some people who throw a lot of hate on abortion and any woman who would get one-but they also probably haven’t been in a similar situation. It’s really easy to sit on the side lines of another persons problem and give your opinion of how you would handle it -but you don’t know. No one knows how they will handle a certain situation, until they are put into that situation. You have no room to judge someone, or be mean to someone, due to how they handled a situation; especially if it doesn’t affect your life- which any woman’s abortion did not affect your life. Please support the women for their tough decision and stop the hate towards abortion.

2 thoughts on “Support Her

  1. White Mom says:

    I agree 100%. Men and Women need to support women in the choices they make about their own bodies. Undermining our decisions introduces a sense of ambiguity and doubt, which makes it harder to heal AND in itself is a form of oppression…chipping away at the confidence and autonomy of each woman. Keep speaking out!


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