Stop the Hate

Today, like many, I reflect on my abortion. I think about it everyday, but most days I try my best to brush it away. But some days, like today, I can’t. I used to relive the day I got an abortion about 3 or 4 times a day for about two months, and then it became about once a day. Its been five months now, and it happens once or twice a week. It’s an emotional roller coaster. I doubt all my reasons behind getting an abortion and convince myself I am a horrible being who doesn’t deserve good things. I wanted to kill myself for quite awhile. My post abortion was the worst experience I have ever gone through; and I’ve gone to jail (another story for another time). But whats sad, is that some people would read this and be happy I wanted to kill myself or sad that I didn’t.

I understand why some people chose to disagree with abortion. There was a time when I disagreed, too. But you do not know what you will do in a situation until you are in it. I don’t need to write out my reasons of why and defend my abortion (because my abortion probably didn’t affect your life). Abortion needs to be educated to young girls growing up. Young women need to know to negative side effects of an abortion, which isn’t just bleeding and cramps. It’s countless nights crying wishing you could have your baby, feeling numb and alone during all life activities, becoming so depressed you wish you were dead, and a horrifying anxiety that you can barely cope. A woman post abortion suffers enough punishment from herself; having the media and every individual throwing their option of how abortion is wrong, does not solve anything. No one deserves to feel like dying rather than trying to find peace in the life they have.  Stop the hate on abortion.

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